Hullo, my name is Michael John Oates and I am about to inform you of a new technology that allows anybody access to the unconscious mind of another. It is called Reverse Speech and its title pretty much tells the story.

Reverse Speech is another form of human communication that works alongside the forward speech communicating the unconscious thoughts as forward speech communicates our conscious thoughts. Whatever we are thinking and feeling at the time of speaking can be heard in the sounds of our speech backwards.

The Discovery of Reverse Speech

In 1983 David Oates (my father), was running a half way house for street kids. At that time a religious fundamentalist was preaching that if you play rock n’roll music backwards you would hear the devil speaking. Well Dad thought that was a load of rubbish, so straight away he grabbed his tape machine (which had a reverse play mechanism) and played the song ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin, to prove to the kids the preacher was wrong. When the last words of the song were played “And he’s buying a stairway to heaven”, it reversed to say “Play backwards hear words sung”. I’m sure they were all a little scared to hear that!

So since then, David has been continuously researching these eerie sounds. He has proven that it is not the devil speaking, but was unable to prove that these voices don’t exist. He has come to the conclusion that reversals are being created in the right brain hemisphere and are actually the sounds of our unconscious mind. Both forwards and backward speech appear to work in unison to communicate total consciousness…forward communicating conscious thought and backward communicating unconscious thought.

One example is with Neil Armstrong’s famous words as he took the first steps on the moon “That’s one small step for Man”. When this is played backwards it says, “Man will space walk”. Because it is the voice of our unconscious, it never lies. Ten percent of all speech reversal found will express the conscious thoughts of a speaker as Neil Armstrong’s reversal did, but the other ninety- percent accesses the ninety- percent of Our brain that we’ve never been able use. The implications of that are endless. The Human mind is no longer private. We now have a tool to look inside the human mind Of another.

Politics which surround Reverse Speech

What if everybody in the world had a Revering Machine? Your spouse may suspect that you are having an affair. You sit down and talk things through. Little did you know that underneath the chair you are sitting on, is a tape machine recording your conversation so it can be analyzed by a Reverse Speech analyst, like myself and this is what it all comes down to in the end. Nothing is sacred anymore with Reverse Speech, anything that you are thinking and feeling can now be heard in the sounds of speech. Imagine what this will do to politics, government conspiracies and law enforcement? Quite a scary thought, but it is now a reality.

My father David John Oates, founder and developer of Reverse Speech has been researching this for over 14 years. He uses Reverse Speech as a therapeutic tool to look inside the mind of his patients. By analyzing his client’s speech reversals he can accurately identify the cause of any emotional issue that his client is dealing with at that time on the deep unconscious level, with just a 15-minute recording.

Speech reversals occur at an average of every 5 to 10 seconds in normal conversation. While we communicate forwards on a conscious level we are also talking backwards on an unconscious level. Quite an amazing discovery! For this now means that the contents of the human mind are now no longer private. Reversals are short sentences acting like footnotes to our unconscious thoughts. They provide direct insight into the actions and motives behind our forward speech. Many say that Reverse Speech can even communicate to our Christ nature deep within.

David Oates says that only 5 % of all speech reversals found will use everyday English expressions. These “first level reversals” explain the conscious thoughts that we are aware of thinking at the time of speaking, the other 95% of reversals found explain our unconscious thoughts in pictures and images know as metaphors. Metaphors are simple words like Wolf, Goddess, and Elvis that all have a character of their own and all operate in our unconscious mind. For example, I may find a speech reversal that says, ” My Elvis will win your love”. Elvis is a metaphor, which will create popularity for whoever is running this metaphor, but while achieving this fame, Elvis also goes into self-destruction. My Elvis will win your love, could be translated back to” I am popular so you will be my friend” If you hear the word will in a speech reversal, as in this example, the reversal is a reliable indicator of future events. Through my own experience I have noted that every speech reversal that I find with the word will in it, has always came true. David says that this is not a psychic prediction but simply the unconscious mind explaining the most probable outcome of a situation mapped out by our own metaphoric patterns. These reversals are called future tense reversals. If you find some future tense reversals be sure to note it’s meaning and also if you are very observant, you can watch speech reversals play themselves out 3 to 6 months down the track. It is quite interesting to watch.

The toughest part about Reverse Speech is actually facing your own speech reversals. Behavior gets on edge and your whole world will literally turn upside down. This isn’t just some hobby that allows you to find words backwards, this is something much more important that must be taken seriously! If you don’t take this warning very seriously then you are heading for one hell of a ride! My dad tells his student to just be AWARE of the differences you encounter while experimenting with Reverse Speech because it will amplify your emotions and we all know that emotions can either make us or break us. Be careful.

Did you know that our life is all created and planned out by metaphoric structures that live in the deepest reigns of our mind. You might even say that they live in our speech backwards? The fact is we don’t know were Reverse Speech comes from. We only know that the metaphors heard in Reverse Speech have all power over our actions and the way we live our lives. I can’t express how proud I feel to say that my father has discovered this awesome new form of communication. Now we can look inside our own minds and actually learn the unconscious mechanics which make it all work.

The Strange Phenomena which surround Reverse Speech

We now know that when we are listening to Reverse Speech we are accessing a large percentage of the mind that explains who we are, which is encoded in the metaphoric language of Reverse Speech. People today are very much in denial and are totally blind to the responsibility we share that creates our world. So instead of looking at ourselves we tend to blame others around us for what happens in our life and this creates incongruity with who we are, which causes us to only use 10% of our mind, I guess too much reality is tough. When you start to experiment with Reverse Speech I warn you that you are forced to look at your self.

Every thought, feeling or emotion we have ever suppressed deep down inside our selves will now raise it’s self back up again to conscious thought forced on by listening to your own speech reversals. Because Reverse Speech is formed in the unconscious mind we have instant access of our unconscious thoughts, conscious thought will begin downloading unconscious thought. The more we can absorb and accept the wisdom of Reverse Speech with ease the more control we can consciously gain over our actions which will also gives us control over the way we live our lives and this is not even the start of it!

Behavior manifests it’s self out in the strangest of ways, one of the strangest phenomenon’s I’ve experienced and still do experience is the manifestation of behavior and emotional issues through odors. The type of smells that manifest depends on the emotional issues you are dealing with at the time. My father uses Reverse Speech as a therapeutic tool for his clients and has noted that if he is working with a client about issues of love the odor of caned peaches will sometimes fill his office. If he experience spiritual breakthroughs with he’s clients while working with the metaphor of Christ the odor of roses fills the room, it’s like smells have more purposes than just one. Another common odor is burning rubber, it is the odor of reversal reaction; major denial with self. If your speech reversals describe you as something that you can not accept then you will begin to go into major denial with your self, metaphors will begin to conflict and collide against one another causing the smell of burning rubber. Sometimes this smell will be so strong that I will have to have to get out of the house. My father has been keeping track of these smells and researching there meanings for all of his career, when the metaphor dictionary is updated there will be a section for odors for you to look at so keep an eye out for it. We believe that odors and smell are passed and received by each other all the time on the deep unconscious level. Because Reverse Speech accesses these deep structures of our unconscious mind we start to experience these smells as our conscious awareness begins to download the unconscious mechanics which exists deep within.

I guess that these odors are just a natural phenomenon of Reverse Speech, behavior also takes a dramatic increase this whole phenomenon is know as Reversal Reaction, but that’s a topic for a later article.

The benefits gained from a Reverse Speech transcript

Contract tapes include analysis for investigative or legal work. Is your spouse sleeping around, do you have communication problems or maybe you just don’t know what is real anymore? Believe me you are not alone! It is now time to make that contact with the true sprit inside that knows all truth. The benefits are endless; it depends on how brave enough you are to look at your speech reversals. Reversals will tell you what YOU are doing to create the world you live in; Reverse Speech can give you spiritual enlightenments and will greaten your understanding about your self.