If you have been keeping close attention to the news and how this world has been taking course in the last 100 years, I think you would agree that it has been very interesting. It has shown us figures like Hitler, Elvis have all touched us deep within and have had great impact of the way we live our lives. There are many other strong images that will have unconscious impact on us like Caesar the strong Roman leader, someone we all consciously know and look at with respect, Satan the biblical figure who was once Lucifer but become Satan the very angry, on edge intense sort of character. All of the above figures live deep within their personalities and can be accessed at will. We call these metaphors of the collective unconscious. Every year a new figure will be added to the collective unconscious, how they get there is unclear but it goes something like this. First of all a metaphor will begin as a personally metaphor which soon branches out into the collective, many few metaphors make it that far. They all travel whirlwinds and connect to the whirlwinds which interact with that personal metaphor. I sometimes wonder how many world wide created metaphors have travelled the whirlwind into universal unconsciousness and also how many more metaphors there are.