G’day, for those of you who are new to the concept of Reverse Speech let me quickly cover just what it is and the implications it has to offer.

Reverse Speech is another from of human communication that occurs in the backward sounds of our speech, instead of communicating conscious thought as we do while speaking forwards, Reverse Speech communicates unconscious thought backwards. Human speech is formed and presented in a bi-level nature, forwards from the conscious mind and backwards from the unconscious mind, so literally what I am telling you is this. What ever you are thinking and feeling at the time of specking can be heard simply by playing your speech in reverse, these reverse phrases ocurre on average every 5 to 10 seconds in conversation and seem to always relate back to the forward speech. Research my father has done, David John Oates who is founder and developer of Reverse Speech enterprises, says that forward speech and backward speech work in unison which communicates total consciousness. Reversals are like footnotes of our unconscious mind expressing the way we feel and the way we act, on it’s deeper level Reverse Speech explains our soul and who we are truly are as individuals.

Only 10% of all reversals found speak in plain logic as we do consciously, these reversals will describe the conscious thought that you are aware of thinking. For example, if someone is telling a lie forwards you will hear the truth backwards: “I’m good at my work” might reverse to say, “I’m a terrible worker”. If of course you are a terrible worker.

The other 90% of reversals found explain unconscious thoughts in pictures and images know as metaphors. So if you are asking a question like this woman did, forwards she said: “I just don’t seem to be motivated anymore” a reversal occurred on that statement and said “My wolf is sleeping” backwards. In this case the woman was talking about her motivation, Reverse Speech described the wolf as our motivator and protector and this is a metaphor. She doesn’t feel motivated because on an unconscious level her wolf is sleeping and this is one of the greatest excitements that Reverse Speech has to offer, we can now actually look inside the mind of another and see what is that causes us to be the way we are. 95% of our behavior and the way we live our life is all mapped out on an unconscious level weeks, even months before it is reflected out into a reality. To change something that is unconscious consciously will never work, mainly because we only have access to 5% of brain power the other 95% of out brain all lays with our unconscious which functions and operates with metaphors (pictures and images) that we can hear in Reverse Speech. These metaphors found in Reverse Speech can describe the secrets and meanings to life if interpreted well, when learning the language of reverse speech we are also learning the languages of the Unconscious mind. Many of you readers have all probably seen these pictures while sleeping or in different states of consciousness.

Some basic metaphors heard in Reverse Speech:

Wolf is the prime motivator and protector of the psyche a person with a strong wolf will normally find it easy to be motivated to achieve his/her goals. (The terrible worker most probably has a dysfunctional wolf)

Close your eyes and picture a wolf, is it big, small? A healthy wolf should be around waist height and well groomed. Try to imagine this image of your healthy, strong wolf and keep it for as long as you can. This exercise will help strengthen your motivation.

Sword. The two edged sword is the instrument of interaction and communication. Reverse Speech is like a two edged sword, it communicates both conscious and unconscious knowledge, exposing the beasts within that have created the beasts with out. My father tells me that the two edged sword can easily cut through the heart of Man and I believe him. (Metaphorically speaking)

Eden, is described by Reverse Speech as the foundation stone for the Psyche. It is a place of birth and renewal.

These are just a couple of metaphors found in Reverse Speech. Founder and developer of Reverse Speech, David John Oates has been researching this full time for 14 years and has put together a dictionary of metaphors found in Reverse Speech. This dictionary has hundreds of metaphors and continues to grow.

Discovering the language of Reverse Speech

A lot of my individual research into Reverse Speech is focused at the metaphorical side of Reverse Speech and discovering new metaphors heard in Reverse Speech.

How I research metaphors is by understanding the common forward dialogue that is responsible for triggering off that metaphor backwards in our speech. If you are talking about love forwards you will get reversals about love, if you are talking with anger you will get metaphors that trigger off that anger, in fact the metaphors we run will always trigger off our emotions.

So to all those people who are interested in expanding our metaphor dictionary, also consider that we are expanding our conscious awareness at the same time and this is very exciting! For those who are interested into the metaphoric research please visit my own metaphor search page. At this site you will find all listed metaphors that I am researching before they are added to the dictionary, I guess you could say that I’m a pioneer of the unconscious mind.