The Michael Oates Dedication Page

Michael John Oates

17.2.1980 – 22.12.2001

“Forever loved and close to our hearts. Michael you will always be our special gift from God.”

Michael was a wonderfully talented young man, with a sweet innocent heart. He was tragically taken from us too soon, at the tender age of 21. Michael loved Reverse Speech with a passion, and spent much time researching and documenting it. This page will document some of his findings.

Michael’s Last Article

The last known article written by Michael was for his final Reverse Speech Analyst certificate, which he passed. He was researching the metaphor, Jesus. Michael loved metaphors and, being a strong Christian, he also loved Jesus. This article reflects his love for both.

My Child

My child
I have you in my arms
As a little one held tight
Carried securely through the stresses of your life
From darkness into light
Nothing can change the love I have for you
Rest in my love
Close to my heart
For nothing can change the love I have for you
Find your rest in my unfailing love.

For nothing can change the love I have for you
Find your rest in my unfailing love.

Sung at Michael’s funeral. By Judy Osbourne 1994

Michael’s Appearances on David’s show

Michael’s Posts

This is Reverse Speech by Michael John Oates

Hullo, my name is Michael John Oates and I am about to inform you of a new technology that allows anybody access to the unconscious mind of another. It is called Reverse Speech and its title pretty much tells the story. Reverse Speech is another form of human...

Reverse Speech: The Metaphoric Language by Michael John Oates

G’day, for those of you who are new to the concept of Reverse Speech let me quickly cover just what it is and the implications it has to offer. Reverse Speech is another from of human communication that occurs in the backward sounds of our speech, instead of...

Metaphor Story: Rocelins death By Michael John Oates

“Rocelins Death” I am Lancelot, knight in white shining armour, riding through the forest to the beat of the wind, which blows from the south. My eagle travels this same wind with me while in search for a witch called Rocelin. Over the hills I rode off into the winds...

Riding The Whirlwind (incomplete) By Michael John Oates

If you have been keeping close attention to the news and how this world has been taking course in the last 100 years, I think you would agree that it has been very interesting. It has shown us figures like Hitler, Elvis have all touched us deep within and have had...