“Rocelins Death”

I am Lancelot, knight in white shining armour, riding through the forest to the beat of the wind, which blows from the south. My eagle travels this same wind with me while in search for a witch called Rocelin.

Over the hills I rode off into the winds which beats our hearts in lust for Rocelins death. A wolf is strong and full of might, you can see the power of a wolf just by looking into his eyes. My wolf is a very sharp predator, it is the hunter and protector for my Psyche. Wolf’s heart and my heart now beats together because our motives are the same. We will hunt Rocelin together.

So off we went, me wearing my white armour, sword and shield with an eagle flying high ahead in the in the sky leading us to the Garden of Eden were Rocelin lives. As I rode upon the open grass I noticed that my eagle took a sudden change in flight as it glided over to Lucifer, this was a short encounter that only lasted a few minutes. The eagle started to sing in a distinct tune.

Another wolf came and this wolf was flying through scent of rhythm which my eagle had just sang out in it’s distinct tune, this is a special wolf which has magic powers, she now flies in the winds with an eagle, who that us to fate.

I see a garden in the distance, with 2 gargoyles on either side of a big gate, which surrounds the Garden of Eden. She-wolf flies down my whirlwind to be by my side and eagle follows as we enter the Garden of Eden. This is a peaceful place, centre of the psyche but the east, side of the garden the scent of Rocelin is strong and filthy with sludge. We will nuke that skull. I jumped off my horse and told the wolves to separate and hide from Rocelin’s power. As I walked to the east side of the forest the garden became filthy, my nose turned with the stench, so I griped firmly onto my sword and I walked into the central source of Rocelin’s soul. First I looked her in the eyes then decided to killed the filthy witch with one stroke of my two edged sword she fell to the ground while she-wolf lashed at her waist the grey wolf hoped in afterwards with effort. “Hay Ho the witch is dead the rotten old witch, the witch is dead, hay ho the rotten old witch is dead!” I held my sword high in the sky surrounded with elk as the garden became rich and green again. New fruits, new life and new energy replaced the dead witch. She-wolf’s eyes lit up and howled with excitement she was so happy that she decided to fly up into the whirlwind and spread the news of Rocelins death to the stars.

That was planed by Lucifer. in the garden I decided to sleep under a tree, I laughed to my self as the wolves feed on Rocelin, everyone was happy again, I took off my armour and waited for the goddess to come take my sword. Goddess arose in the Garden and held my sword with a muscle. Roses grew all around my naked body. An Owl perched above my head and dropped a envelope on my lap signed by Rama, the holder of collective wisdom. I decided that I would be better off tackling that after my sleep. Goodnight.