David’s Blog

Happy 60th Birthday David!

David will celebrate his 60th birthday this Friday, October 30th, 2015. He has now been practicing Reverse Speech for more than half his life. We all wish him the very best and especially into the next 60 years (with life extension). And David, don't think that you...

David Releases New Book!

Have you heard the news? I’ve just released my latest book – ‘A New Theory About Language’ the 2015 edition! And I have to say… I’m extremely proud of it. Over the last 30-years Reverse Speech has, as a result of constant research and testing evolved and developed,...

David Starts Production Work On His Long Awaited RS Documentary

The first round of filming starts in London on October 30th (ironically David's birthday and also the date RS was born in LA in 1983) then moves to Australia in November - two documentaries will be filmed - the first one, a mini documentary on David's life and the...

Speedy Recoveries David

David had surgery this week to correct a continual problem with his nasal cavities and sinuses, a problem he has had since a small child. He is home recuperating. Get some rest David and heal up. All the best..

David Does Stellar Radio Show

David did a particuarly memorable show on the Jeff Rense Program today July 17, 2015, with many people saying it was one of his best - go to this link here to listen to the show here.

150 Countries & Up, Up and Away

David just qualified for his 150 country endorsement to his DXCC award on the week he flies off to America and then onto England to see clients - Well done David and happy travels!

Happy New Year!

Wishing all a Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2015 from the Oates' David, daughters Symone and Jaye, and grandkids Logan and Aria. Happy Holidays and a safe New Year.

David Receives His DXCC Award

David was recently awarded his DXCC which is a prestigious amateur radio award for working 100 countries confirmed and verified - Congratulations David. David Receives His DXCC Award - View...

David’s Grandaughter Arrives

David's second grandchild arrives - Aria Jennifer Simpson was born on the 15th of June 2014, the second child of David's daughter, Jaye. Congratulations!

Just A Quick Run Around The Block

David leaves for America on Thursday the 24th of April, doing a lecture in Ashland, Oregon and a few radio shows, then onto London for a very important lecture presenting Reverse Speech at the annual convention for the British Psychological Society. Then back home...

100 Countries and a New Rig

David reached a milestone in his ham radio career on the 18th of February 2014 as he worked his 100th country since keeping logs again in 2012. This was done on a a brand new rig, an Icom IC7600, the creme de la creme of ham rigs. For more information on David's...

David Goes Solar

David is making his contribution to the environment by installing a 5kW solar system. It will also help offset his massive power bills that his Reverse Speech studio and Ham Radio stations consume.