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David John Oates discovered Reverse Speech in 1987. Since then, he has dedicated his life to research and promoting it across the globe through lectures, training shows and media appearances. He also uses it in his private therapy practice to help people breakthrough their emotional challenges.

What is Reverse Speech?

Reverse speech is another form of human communication that is automatically generated by the brain as we speak. It occurs backwards in speech and can be heard if human speech is recorded and played backwards. Mixed amongst the gibberish at regular intervals can be heard quite clear grammatically correct sentences that detail what is happening in the unconscious mind of the speaker. If a person is lying in forward speech, their reverse speech may reveal the truth. At deeper levels reverse speech can reveal psychological causes for current issues, whether they be mental emotional or physical.

Upcoming Shows

Mar 31, 2025

The David Oates Radio Show on Reverse Speech Radio Network

Starts at 12:00 PM PDT

Reverse Speech Radio Show. : David's radio show is released weekly on SoundCloud every Thursday featuring timely speech reversals on politicians, celebrities, and news items. Also, he features an interesting guest during the show.

How do I listen?

This program airs on the Reverse Speech Radio Network.
Find out how to watch this show on the program's website:

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Latest News

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Announcing a New Reverse Speech Radio Show - On the last Tuesday of every month, Christian D. Cadieux and I will be doing an hour long segment on the Jeff Rense program entitled, "The Crime and Trauma Report" profiling criminal activity - for the first time ever...

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Here is David in Toronto, Canada with the twin daughters of Christian Cadieux, a new Reverse Speech partner, and part owner. Christian and David have many things in common, including both have twin girls!

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